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We are a specialist company that organises Greenland tours and holidays – the largest island and one of the wildest and most remote places on Earth.  A place where a tiny community of Inuit follow ancient ways of life amongst Greenland's vast Arctic wilderness of fjords and icebergs, glaciers, rugged mountains and fascinating wildlife.

Our partnership of leading Arctic experts and local Inuit hunters brings together a passion and knowledge of the area that is second to none.  We arrange all aspects of visiting Greenland, from a holiday or tour out of the ordinary to a specialist expedition and everything in between.  Our expertise allows us to customise our services to meet your requirements, whatever you want to do and wherever your interests lie.  We love Greenland, and we're sure you will too.


Our Tours

For those who would like to join an organised tour, we have a comprehensive programme throughout the year.  Going beyond a typical tourist itinerary, all our tours and holidays offer an insight into the real Greenland and epitomise what we have found to be special about this place. 

Whether it’s help with creating your own trip - alone or with a Guide, dog sledding and trekking, accommodation with a hunter and his family in a village, photographing or viewing the Northern Lights, expeditions and icecap crossings, indigenous cultural tours or an Arctic holiday out of the ordinary, we hope you will find that we offer the very best ways to visit Greenland.

Hotel-Based Tours...
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Spring tours to Greenland Summer tours to Greenland
Autumn tours to Greenland Winter tours to Greenland


Featured Tours...
Experience the Real Greenland

Scoresbysund and Milne Land.  Circumnavigate the remote island of Milne Land by boat. Click here to find out more.

Hidden Greenland.  Some of Greenland's greatest trekking!  Information and photos here.

NEW - Dog Sledding on The Edge.  An exciting dog sled journey along the edge of the sea ice in Northeast Greenland. A must for wildlife lovers.  More details.

Inuit Dog Sled Journeys.  Traditional Greenland Dog Sledding Journeys.  More details.

Wild Spaces.  A boat-supported walking tour in East Greenland.  More details here.

Greenland Experience Tours
News and Offers

Following the success of the new summer route from Reykjavik to West Greenland, the schedule has been expanded to provide this route all year.  It opens up some exciting possibilities for Spring tours on the west coast, departing from wonderful Iceland.  Watch out for the new Icebergs, Whales & Dog Sledding tour in Ilulissat and Disko Island next April and May. Contact us for more info.

Northern Lights Season!Northern Lights over a Greenland fjord
From November to March, the cold frosty nights of Greenland can bring magnificent displays of the Northern Lights.  This incredible natural phenomenon never ceases to amaze and inspire, and no photograph will do it justice. 
Greenland is a wonderful place to experience it, perhaps even at the end of a day's dog sledding or wildlife spotting on Greenland's west coast.  Full details here!


Greenland Cruises now available!
We're very pleased to announce that we are now offering cruises along Greenland's magnificent coast.  These offer a great chance to experience the Arctic from the comfort of a modern ship, and visit a number of Greenland's towns and settlements.  Please click here for details of our West Greenland cruises.  East Greenland coming soon.

MV Sarfaq Ittuk cruises past an iceberg in Disko Bay, West Greenland

Logistical Services
We regularly provide
logistical support and guiding in Greenland to a number of groups and expeditions, including the record-breaking Arctic Foxes, Ben Saunders and Extreme South. If you think that such services may be of use to you, then please have a look at the website for our sister company, Greenland Expedition Specialists.

Icecap drop-off above the Hahn Glacier

Summer Trekking, East Greenland
Once again our superb 'Hidden Greenland' trek in East Greenland was a huge success this year.  The trek explores a beautiful area of remote Arctic valleys, towering mountains and enormous iceberg-filled fjords.  The last two years have enjoyed superb weather on the whole.  We feel that is truly World-class trekking, and yet you're unlikely to meet anyone else out there!  Click here for details of the itinerary, trip reports and photos.

Tasiilap Kua

The North PoleThe team at the North Pole
The Scottish Polar Academy, an ambitious new project headed by explorer Craig Mathieson, aims to take groups of Scottish youths to Greenland, then onto the North Pole.  Greenland Explored is working closely with Craig, providing Guiding and Logistics services, both in Greenland and at the Pole.  We're happy to announce that the first round of trips have just been successfully completed.  The Pole was reached on 24 April 2006 - what a beautiful place! Read expedition dispatches here.    

Kayaking around the icebergs, East Greenland
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